VIPKID Co-founder Jessie Chen Meets Nina Hachigian, Deputy Mayor of L.A.


Many members of our teaching community are already familiar with Jessie Chen. Apart from founding VIPKID with CEO Cindy Mi, she currently oversees all operations involving the teaching community and  our core curriculum.

On her most recent trip to the United States, two teachers (Christina Ruiz and Anna Torres) joined Co-founder Jessie and VIPKID US Public Policy Head, Wenchi Yu, on her visit to the City Hall of Los Angeles. There, they met with deputy mayor Nina Hachigian, the mayor’s senior advisor on education policy and economic opportunity, Steve Zimmer, and director of International Relations, Policy, and Protocol, Dilpreet Sidhu. 

During the meeting, teachers Christina and Anna shared their experience teaching for VIPKID. They also discussed the growing community of teachers, Fast Pass events, and other community activities. The mayor’s office praised VIPKID for its innovation and noted mayor Eric Garcetti’s goal of making L.A. schools completely bilingual by 2030.  

VIPKID also invited mayor Garcetti to visit our headquarters in Beijing during his next visit to China. If he does come, we’ll make sure to keep you updated in the blog! 


  1. I can’t wait to hear more about the growing community of teachers, Fast Pass events, and other community activities.

    Kathy CTX

  2. VIPKID is a great company to work for. I want to hear all about the growing teacher community and fast pass events. We are living in a Global world. I am so glad I get to be a part of it.

  3. I just taught my first class with this company and received my first 5 apple feedback. It feels great and I’m very proud of this company. They do a thorough job with training and preparing new teachers to teach using the online platform. They are expanding at a rapid pace and are always making changes to adapt and improve. I can’t wait to see what’s around the next bend.

  4. I am overwhelmed to see this wonderful company growing so fast , wishing to hear more about the successful events. I am still waiting for my booking . Iam already two weeks being hired , still early as I heard from teachers on some groups on Facebook. I am so excited to teach those cute kids ,so glad to be part of this great company