Teaching & Tutoring Aids for English


Professional development is crucial for any career, including teachers, and especially ESL teachers who want to teach English online. On this page you’ll find a list of ESL teacher resources that will help you start off, deepen your skills, or move forward in your teaching career.

Books for ESL Teachers

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A good, informative book can be one of the most important ESL resources for teachers. In this section, we’ve gathered books that we consider to be the best and to have the most relevant English teaching material. We hope that at least one of them will become a valuable piece for your home library.

English Teaching Videos

In this section, we’ll give some useful links to YouTube videos that could be helpful to online teachers.

  • VIPKID Teacher | Day in the Life – In this video Melody, one of VIPKID’s teachers, describes her typical working day as a VIPKID teacher with exact timeline and gives useful tips on how to conduct online English lessons for kids.
  • VIPKID | How to get hired! – In this video Stephanie, who works as a VIPKID teacher, shares some helpful advice on how to get a job of an ESL teacher with VIPKID. She gives the exact timing of video sections, which include the interview, two practicums (demo lessons), and officially being hired.
  • Beginner VIPKID Lesson – This 30-minute video shows you what a typical VIPKID lesson with a beginner student looks like, including the PowerPoint slides that are provided to a teacher by VIPKID.
  • Teaching English (ESL) to children ages 3-6. Lesson 1 – This video is recorded by Steve Peterson who works as an ESL teacher in Japan. Steve gives useful tips on how to prepare and conduct English lessons for children based on his own experience.
  • 3 positive points – teaching English online to children – In this video Sarah Vaughan, an experienced online English teacher, describes three myths around online English learning, with a special focus on writing skills.

ESL Websites and Blogs

There are plenty of online teaching sites and English teacher blogs out there in the web. In this section, we’ve collected the most useful online tutoring sites and English teaching blogs as resources that will help you become a successful online ESL teacher

  • VIPKID blog – On our blog, we share everything related to teaching ESL, such as teaching tips, teacher inspiration sources, stories by VIPKID teachers, teacher news, and much more.
  • Learning the Language – This blog is hosted on the Education Week portal and contains interesting facts regarding learning and teaching English as a second language.
  • Life Feast – This is a personal blog of Ana Maria Menezes, an ESL teacher from Brasil. On her English teaching blog, she shares helpful information on various online technologies that can be used while teaching.
  • Nik’s Learning Technology Blog – This blog discusses the latest computer-based learning materials and technologies that could be used by online English teachers.
  • The English Blog – This blog contains a variety of Internet resources, reviews, news, tips, and trivia for learners and teachers of English.
  • ESL kids and Kizclub – These websites offer free ESL teaching resources, such as flashcards, worksheets, classroom games, story patterns, and children’s song lyrics.

Online Teaching Apps

Online teaching apps are designed to facilitate the teaching process as well as make it even more modern and convenient. VIPKID has developed its own app that helps you teach English to your VIPKID students no matter where you are. With this app, you can check your bookings, prepare for your classes, receive feedback from parents, and get 24/7 support. The app supports all devices and is available both for Android and iOS.

English Lesson Plans for Teachers

Now it’s possible for teachers to download ESL lesson plans for kids in the Internet. For example, they can use resources such as this website. However, you won’t have to do this when teaching English to children with VIPKID. VIPKID provides the lesson plans for you, so all you have to do is review the plan before the class.

However, despite the set curriculum, teachers are free to teach the way they want.


  1. I love to go to the different vlogs and blogs and learn from the other teachers! The workshops are great as well! I teach Pre K and have used several of my VIPKID strategies to teach language to my young learners.

  2. Great list of resources. Hope to get some of these into my home library! I’ve enjoyed my online teaching experience so far, but I know I need to make it better. These would be very helpful.