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Do teachers need to learn to teach? The answer is yes. Continuous professional training and development is crucial for any profession, including teachers. It’s obvious that beginner teachers need classroom practice in order to train to be a teacher. However, experienced teachers also need to enhance their qualification on an ongoing basis, especially when they are planning to become ESL teachers.

Why Do You Need To Train To Be A Teacher?

Teachers should constantly train as their students do, and here is why:

  • Motivation. Successful learning results depend not only on students, but also on teachers. Teacher attitude is one of the most pivotal factors when it comes to a student’s motivation to study. A trained teacher has the knowledge and skills that are necessary to motivate students.
  • Confidence. Having the proper training to be a teacher is one way to build confidence and be prepared for the possible challenges of the opportunity. Confidence helps teachers to be more flexible and creative when facing these challenges.
  • New opportunities. English teacher training courses open new horizons and give teachers more opportunities to advance in their careers.
  • Trust. A certified teacher earns more trust among students and their parents. This is especially important for ESL teachers.

Is a certificate or training program required to teach online for VIPKID?

We value the trust of our customers above all, which is why we contract only certified teachers. To become a part of our team, you should have at least a bachelor’s degree and undergo ESL training. For your convenience, now we’ll give an overview of ESL teacher training courses that you can take.

Which programs and certifications are available to teachers in training?

teacher training

English teacher training courses are united under the ITTT. This abbreviation stands for International TEFL and TESOL Training. Let’s find out what the further abbreviations mean.

  • TESOL stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This name typically refers to the TEFL and TESL certification programs. However, it also refers to a certificate, with which you can teach English to non-native speakers both in an English-speaking country and abroad, like in China. The training for a TESOL certification may be different in different institutions, so choose the program depending on your future employer and their requirements. It’s also possible to take teacher training courses online, but some countries or employers may recognize only on-site training for certification.
  • TEFL means Teaching English as a Foreign Language. After you undergo TEFL training, you will receive a certificate with which you can teach English to non-native speakers abroad, for example, in China. If your native language is English and you want to relocate abroad, then in most cases you need ITTT TEFL review. Prerequisites for TEFL certification depend on the country where you are going to work. Please also keep in mind that some countries may not accept TEFL certificates resulting from online teacher training courses.
  • TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language. This certificate is required by English-speaking countries in case you’re planning to teach English to foreigners in these countries. The program depends on your country, so the amount of theory, methodology, and training hours may vary. As with other certificates, be aware that TESL certificates from teacher training courses online may be not accepted by some employers in your country.
  • CELTA is a teacher training program like TESOL. The difference is that CELTA training is accredited by Cambridge University. If you want to gain internationally-recognized qualification, then you may aim at a CELTA certificate. Besides, CELTA courses are good for beginner teachers. You can take this course on a full-time or part-time basis, or as online teaching training.

We hope that now you have a better understanding of what teacher training is. Now you may be thinking of which training program to choose. The choice of teacher training courses depends on your purpose.

If you haven’t decided whether you want to move abroad or stay at home, then your best choice would be the TESOL or CELTA program. With a TESOL/CELTA certificate, you can teach English as a foreign language either in your home country or, for instance, in China. If you’re going to relocate, then TESOL is good, but TEFL is even better, as it’s more widely recognized in China, Japan, and South Korea.

And if you’re going to stay at home, then you can aim for TESL. All of the courses can be taken online, but not all employers may recognize an online certificate. As for VIPKID, we have open opportunity positions for ESL teachers who want to teach English online. Our requirements are as follows:

  • Eligibility to work in the US or Canada.
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field.
  • 1 school year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education.

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  1. Wow! Was completely insulted that I allegedly did not qualify to be a teacher. I have the experiences listed but not certified in ESL. Perhaps when you advertise that you need teachers then you should state clearly they need to be certified in teaching English as a second language.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I’m a teacher and I help to get other teachers hired. I have helped many over the past year and would love to work with you if you have the qualifications aside from the ESL certificate. Feel free to email me at taylor.elisabeth@gmail.com. It’s a great job and company.:)

    • You misread it. You do not need to be certified in ESL, it just looks good and some jobs (not VIPKID) require it. A lot of VIPKID teachers live abroad so this information is important.

      I’m a VIPKID teacher with a masters in school counseling.

  2. I was considering taking an online ESL course for additional certification. I was surprised that online training is not always accepted. I wonder why that is? Thanks for the information. It was helpful!

  3. This is very informative and helpful. I was not familiar with all of the certifications, their differences, and/or acceptance or non acceptance. I have a TESOL certificate, but now know that perhaps I will need to look at others in the future.

  4. I would be curious to know if others have had difficulty after obtaining TESOL certification online.
    In my case from Global Leadership College (as it did not contain a practicum). In the end, I was able to work something out with my employer to observe and be observed however, based on my experience, I would caution those interested in TESOL to find a program that includes a practicum. I have taught TESOL to adult F1 visa students for almost 5 years. HEADS UP!

    I think it is also important to note that these types of certifications do not certify you to teach K-12. Completely different. Although PEARSON has tests that you can pay approximately $200 a pop to receive a certificate of eligibility (good for 3 years) in FLORIDA.

    I love working for VIP KIDS but I would like to see more consistent bookings.

  5. I am a certified teacher, retired, but now with subbing credentials, but still had to go through the vigorous Oregon Teachers Standards and Practices Commission requirements and when I discovered VIPKID, quite by accident, I thought, “Wow! This will be a breeze, 30 plus years experience; I’ll pass in a heartbeat. I really can’t say whether I got through the application, interview, and Mock Lessons in a breeze, it turned out, I did “sweat the process.” One thing I’ve pieced together in the process is that teaching English as a Second Language, specifically online, is like ‘going back to school and learning a new “methods course.” It’s a “Whole New Method of Teaching (WNMT–as VIPKID likes to create acronyms!).”

    Teaching “online” requires skills not normally taught in Education Courses for either Elementary or Secondary teachers (whatever subject) and the Lesson Plans, at first, feel foreign, don’t follow the ‘logical processes we were taught in methods courses and lesson planning and writing (and, maybe some of that has to do with the fact that ‘someone else wrote the lesson plans, but as I substitute taught three of my 30 plus years, it’s not just that someone else wrote the lesson plans, it a “whole new method of teaching (WNMT).”

    As a seasoned teacher, I often felt like my brain would never wrap itself around the lessons VIPKID has written/uses, but once I got it through my head, ‘this is a ‘whole new method of teaching and began to approach it as though I were back in Jr. Block, learning a ‘new method, my brain struggled to adapt. Once I acknowledged VIPKID strategies as a “whole new method of teaching,” only then did my brain began to soften from its formal, rigid training lesson planning guidelines and theory and encompass TPR (Total Physical Response).

    Even though I have several decades of teaching under my belt, I recognize I’m a “newbie” at this method of teaching and am “so” open to input as to how to learn this method and be a successful online ESL teacher!

    • do VIP kid teach the people how to approach kids and how to teach English to them? I do not have an experience like them actually ı am a teacher in a kindergarten and ı am really getting interested in teaching English with this way. If ı apply VIP kid Could ı learn these techniques?


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