The Beautiful Truth About Trial Classes

Imagine yourself, sitting at home relaxing in front of the television. You’re watching your favorite television show and all of a sudden, commercial time....

Closing the gap that technology might create

Technology: it is amazing. The age of technology in which we live has made it possible for VIPKID to exist and to reach so...

The Firemen are Real

In mid October, teacher Beth joined the VIPKID team from her wonderful home classroom on the East Coast of Canada. Almost immediately she began...

Every Day is Family Day at VIPKID

By Roy Florey You made it through your evaluation and you are ready start teaching.  You have some toys and a puppet and your little...

Respecting Cultural Differences

We, as teachers, hold a position of power over our students. We, as Westerners, hold a position of power over other cultures…. Okay. Who care?...



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The Firemen are Real

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