VIPKID is an Internet education company invested by innovative workshops, latitude and longitude China, Sequoia Capital, Northern Lights, Genent Fund, Yunfeng Fund and Bryant Stibel Fund founded by Kobe Bryant, who are interested in 4-12 years old Provide an effective and vivid online learning experience. We have high quality North American primary school teacher resources, children through 1 to 1 online video interactive platform, at home can be connected with the North American teacher. VIPKID materials are based on the US Common Core State Standard (CCSS) and independent research and development for Chinese children’s teaching materials.

VIPKID foreign teachers are from the United States and Canada, familiar with the North American culture, with international perspective, most foreign teachers have the qualifications of high-quality colleges and universities in the United States background, has a wealth of experience in children’s English teaching. VIPKID foreign teachers have a strict recruitment and assessment criteria, the admission rate of less than 10%.

In VIPKID, we hope that children can not only learn fluent English, but also can touch the international forefront of educational content, cultivate children’s creativity, expression, and independent thinking ability.

VIPKID currently has more than 800,000 students, more than 10,000 foreign teachers in the book, our vision is: to help children plug in the language of the wings, free to walk on the planet.