10 Ways You Know You’re a VIPKID Teacher


You know you are a VIPKID teacher when…

By Stephanie T.

  1. You now look great in the color orange, or at least you tell yourself you do.
  2. You pop out of bed every morning before the sun is up, whether you’re teaching or not. What is sleep?
  3. The person on the other end of the phone is confused as to why you’re speaking to them as if they are a child hard of hearing. “How… ARE… you?!?!”
  4. You are a professional sound effect maker in and out of the classroom. Shooting lasers as you dash the salt and pepper shakers over your dinner, anyone?
  5. The local dollar store clerks begin to recognize you and are curious as to why you keep buying finger puppets, silly hats, and wands.
  6. You’ve gotten really good at looking presentable from only the waist up. Hair’s done, make up is set, sweatpants are on… hey, not a bad look!
  7. You’ve figured out how to make a yawn look like a very excited face that does not look terrifying to the student on the other end. Oh no, not terrifying at all.
  8. Finally you can put your incredibly accurate animal impressions to good use.
  9. You learn new and interesting facts all the time thanks to the VIPKID curriculum and your students. An estuary?! Who’s teaching who?
  10. Your heart melts every time your student praises and appreciates you during class. “Teacher… You’re funny, I like you.”

All jokes aside…

You know you’re a VIPKID teacher when the ability to teach English from home to children on the other side of the world is the best way to start (or end) your day!

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  1. NICE ! Ten points for your TEN POINT – “You know you are a VIPKID Teacher”. ‘GOOD JOB!’ Right now, I’m in the terrifying part of getting ready to do the first interview. Your 10-Points helped enormously. Thanks.

  2. I am a retired teacher (30 years). I would be interested in teaching with VIPKID. I am wondering if it would be possible to start with maybe one class presently and graduating to full time beginning in June? I am now driving a special needs school bus and would like to finish my year. I drive for approximately seven and a half hours a day.